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I’ve been meaning to do this for almost a year now. I bought this parasol at a garage sale for $8. The handle was gorgeous, the only issue was the edges were fraying, so I bought it with the intention of fixing it. I thought about changing the fabric since the color was fading a bit, but the color matched the handle too well, so I decided to cover it with lace.

Someone gave me some vintage lace curtains cause they knew I could sew, so instead of getting new lace, I decided to use what I had. Unfortunately the curtains weren’t big enough to use just one, so I had to use both, I’m not too happy giant seam going down the middle, but I decided it was easier to do one seam that to do 10. I used E-6000 glue along the edges of the umbrella to stop the fraying, sewed the lace on, and then used more glue on the inside to make sure the edges of the lace wouldn’t fray and they would securely stay. It’s obviously not an umbrella meant for rain, but this will be nice to bring to events and to the beach.

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